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Author Topic: Maintenance: Email Issues & Site Perfomance - 01.17.2011  (Read 3731 times)


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Maintenance was performed from 3:00Am CST through 6:00Am CST on 01.17.2011 for the GCF site to address the performance and email issues the site has been having.  During the course of this maintenance the site experienced downtime from 4:20Am CST until 4:45Am CST.  The below report details the outcome of the maintenance.  After testing, all aspects of the GCF site are now operating normally.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Affected
    • All GCF Users
  • Impact
    • Site unavailable to all users
  • Start Time
    • 4:20am CST
  • Stop Time
    • 4:45am CST
  • Actions taken
    • New Host Configured
    • GCF Site Uploaded
    • Database Uploaded
    • Site Configured
    • DNS Updated
  • Status
    • Site is now available
      • Performance Issues appear resolved
      • Email SMTP is confirmed working normally
  • Root Cause
    • Downtime
      • DNS Propagation took approximately 30 minutes resulting in the site being unavailable
    • Performance Issues
      • VPS Hosted under UltraHosting experienced constant performance issues.  After multiple tickets and contact with their Support these were unresolved.
    • Email Issues
      • GCF Email was unable to process due to limitations of its prior SMTP hosting through google.
  • Preventative Steps
    • The GCF site has been moved to stable hosting.
    • The GCF Email hosting is now sufficient to support the volume this site uses.

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