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Addendum 1/21/2014: Due to legal issues, we regretfully inform that you must be 18 or older to register for this forum. We hope to be able to lift this restriction in the future. We are sincerely sorry that it has come to this however. If you do not include a birthdate with your registration, or if you are under 18, your account will be deleted.

We bring close furs closer!

Gulf Coast Furs is to compliment and promote real-life interaction of furries through virtual mediums.  In other words, we're an online forum aiming to organize offline group activities.  We've held many events of various sizes, and various activities.  We are a very tight-knit community of friends who explore and enhance the social aspect of our lives.  Our geographical span is quickly growing, and we aim to encompass the entire Gulf Coast area and hold events (or cons) with hundreds or thousands of attendants.

We take membership in this community seriously; you won't just be a number to us.  Please take the time to fill out your application.  The information you put in here will become part of your profile, and will be our basis for seeing if you're a real person fit for this community.  Empty or effortless applications will be denied!  Once you submit your application, it will alert the Staff.  There are many of us, so it shouldn't take long for it to be approved!  But, it will at least take a few minutes (and up to a couple of days), because we do read your profile.  We will rarely deny a filled application - it is mostly to keep spam, malicious, or incompatible users out.  It also affords us the opportunity to get to know you; you will be amongst friends here.

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